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Review: The Libertine Bar, Dallas

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Located in the Lower Greenville, The Libertine Bar was one of the first bars to settle in the area, breaking ground for Greenville Avenue’s now highly recommended bar & food scene. Donning the corner entrance redolent of many of my favorite pubs, it opens into a large & lofty space with ample standing room and a mix of plush booths & high-top seating. Great for crowds, though it has the feeling of a comfortable cabin, or perhaps a woman of leisure, in that she does not feel empty when lightly populated. Beer flags of bold stouts and happy toucans remind you of the green grass taverns but you realize - as you turn your nose and oscillate the eyes - the missing of the drab lighting and nostalgic incense of use.

The bartenders are cheery and provide excellent service. The long wooden bar has many spirits to choose from, the selection relatively standardized with call brands. Cash flow over quality but I cannot blame for that. One of the best features is a local cask ale named ‘Turn Out the Lights’. An Irish Dry Stout, it is perfect temperature and utterly delicious after the dretch climate we have weathered. We do not complain when a Chartreuse Hot Chocolate follows the antipasti, which also perfectly hits the spot.

The food menu contains classic American pub food; burgers, sandwiches, soups and pub meals, along with some unique vegan options. The cheese & meat board and German pretzel are good, but nothing we left the postcard to write home. The fried chicken fingers have a great balance of tenderness & crispness, though I would not object to a slightly larger serving. One can never be angry at more fried chicken. The fare seems to be predominantly made in house with a commitment to local sourcing, greatly improving upon what could be an unsatisfactory meal. There is nothing I would seek out, but the menu is designed for fast bar-service, and it does its job fine.

The Libertine is a welcoming and easy-going neighborhood bar that I would happily re-enter on another cold day. I would, however, kindly like to suggest the addition of two to three grumpy men, a deck of cards, and the option for Irish stew.

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