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Why I'm Glad Trump is Running for President

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

These past few months have been fucking terrible.

Social media got The Plague. News outlets are smeared in repulsive coverage half the time and barely feigning ability at entertainment the next. My generally happy demeanor has diminished considerably, in part because there really are terrible things going on globally that I cannot control, and in part because an exorbitant amount of the accepting and kind people I ‘know’ got bitten by something and have all degenerated into a bickering babble of psychopaths that I don’t even want to pretend to know.

You’re lucky if you make any progress whatsoever. Every discussion is riddled with the same retorts, like each side has a lucky-8 ball they’ve been shaking for weeks. “She’s a liar!” “She’s got experience.” “Anyone but Trump!” “What about what Bill did?” And so on.

I have never ever been a political guru. I am, in fact, far from it. I don’t have a litany of historical references. I don’t have figures to preach. But it only takes a half-decent human being to see how ridiculous and embarrassing this has become. I know I’m not speaking alone when I say never have I been so disappointed, so disgusted, so overwhelmed, angered and frustrated by the whack-a-mole assholes that have been covering the face of this election and partaking in my day-to-day interactions.

I admit that similar words have probably been uttered throughout the centuries. Perhaps it is just my turn to be the adamant one. However, since it is my turn to be adamant, I’d like to state the following: this election has shone more light upon the American people, has raised more fight from the American people and created more drastically needed friction between the American people than I can ever remember. And that friction and awareness is so unbelievably, incredibly past due.

Let’s start with them. You know, those people on the ‘other side’ that we are angered at? The ones we are un-friending, calling names, ripping our hair out and condemning the future of the American nation over? The shepherded flock spewing declaratory carnage over our amendments and rights… and then asking for the bill?

But are we really surprised at them? Did we really think everyone in this country was exactly like us? Did we really think all these issues had just disappeared just because we couldn’t see them? Well, of course not. Hate has always been there. Fear has always been there. Race, gender, religion, ethnicity – they’ve always been at the base of so many off our debates and disagreements, and electoral candidates have always played on that fear and hate in order to power their electoral campaigns. In contrast to that, there are some who will say that this is a different world we live in. Women can vote, slavery was abolished, Obama is in the White House, gay marriage mostly exists. You want to buy into it. How easy it has been to wish and almost believe that this country has held onto the original Dream, of our rights as citizens, of the real words behind our incredible Constitution. How hard it has been to see how little we have embraced, how minutely we’ve grown and how many we’ve hurt. Have we not known for years and years that our progressive and dreamy melting-pot was, in actuality, a pretty basic pot of cheese? That we’ve been trying to keep it that way forever? That we’re doing a pretty damn good job?

This has been coming for a long time. I’m not going to go into a rant about the younger generations (at 28 I’m in one) that haven’t protested, stood up or done anything for our country besides writing back-seat diplomacy from their squishy ottomans. I’m not going to idle on how incredibly easy it is to pretend to be a pragmatic and idealistic human being from the place of the non-confrontational comforter (because, that’s what I’m doing now!). But yes, I think anyone can see that we armchair idealists have given up slack and fallen behind. I don’t believe that we truly know what lies within our borders. The narrowing of our social interactions online truly drives us further apart than all of the globalization and cross-cultural intermingling in the world bring us together. We have lost our ability to communicate and understand the unique bouquet of people around us, and we have forgotten how to fight.

Sure, I know that we do a ton in our own right. And a lot of things are done differently these days. I can attest to my mind being opened regularly by things I have read through social media. We have so much to work with at our fingertips that it doesn’t seem like we need to go anywhere in order to push forwards. We don’t always have to get down to D.C. with our banners in order to make a difference in the social-political world, but we do have to sometimes and at some point. I truly mean that. We have to get off of our asses and go do something for the cause we pledge for because that pledge will never be complete until our hands are deep in it and dirty. It is only when you are elbow deep in a cause’s shit that you have any ground to say if it don’t stank – and what the roses smell like, for that matter.

This web window into the world has held us back from truly knowing the country around us. We have grown incredibly blind to the unique human perspectives, fragilities and dissertations that can only be understood by looking a person in the eye, by stepping into their world, by touching them, hearing them and seeing how they react to you.

This ignorance is a mounting one. It’s already so incredibly easy to be ignorant when it comes to nit-picking details about other human beings. We are generally too self-indulgent to spend more than a moment determining someone's character. Most people don’t have the time, energy or wherewithal to spend on breaking down, contextualizing or fighting a statement if they don’t already agree. When we are behind our screens, we can’t ever truly know someone: thus, our misunderstanding grows.

I’d also like to take a moment to note on the ‘human’ blunders of those who run for President. I believe that this lack of understanding and our penchant for allowing excuses extends to those that seek the White House, and that is very important to acknowledge. For within our confined arenas it’s natural to want to find common ground with our leaders. Thus, when we see them do something that is not within a generally accepted or politically correct norm, we project - our mistakes and failures, our faint memories of our adolescent throw-away comments, our insecurities - onto the things they say and do. . When it comes down to it, we know very little about the rulers we vote for. We know them in their professional and political arenas, but we sure as hell don’t know them personally.

I can think of times when I said or thought terrible things – we all have. But here’s the difference – we never fucking ran for President of the United States of America, especially during a time of economic cliff-walking, of explosive decision making, a time when the progress we’ve made in the last 100 years (or that we think we’ve made) in acceptance, tolerance, equality, economic balance all seems like it’s getting thrown in the same pit where we’ll supposedly be throwing the pilings for The Great Wall of ‘Mexican-ish’ Immigrants. And just for the record; the last wall didn’t fucking work and the people who built it – well, they got bitten in the ass.

I have had to fight the urge to knock people out of my life with a simple click because they utterly disgusted me. I have at times felt violently angered or sickened by the terrible things I have seen and heard throughout this election campaign. I have seen and read more bigotry, myopia, ignorance, brainwashing and shamefully blatant racism than I ever want to again. But I have seen it. I have read it. I have spoken about it. I have felt it. And now I know much more about it. If the first step in fixing a problem is acknowledging it, then can we not all agree that a light first shined on the problem would be learning to tie our shoes?

And so, ‘Enter Donald’. Why am I so happy that he is running? I think it’s quite simple: Trump is the Ghost of America’s Present. Donald Trump is shining the ultra-neon light of reality right onto America’s face and showing all of the sub-moral surfaces hiding there. All of our bumps, our scars, the new skin and tougher skin – it’s all exposed for us to scrutinize. Trump is showing each and every one of us exactly where America stands. Every human being living in this country, for better or worse, is getting a good look at who we are and who we share this nation with. It’s not pretty, but for every hateful rash and pock of poverty, the terrible truths aren’t all that’s there. There’s something beautiful too:

Now, not only do I know how many hidden trolling bigots there are to spread hate, intolerance and the enslavement of freedom, but I know how many people I deeply respect for their fighting efforts to spread love, togetherness and understanding. Now, not only have we been shown how shamefully little this country has allowed black success, but now we finally see a new surge against the quo, the disgusting killings and calculated depravity – along with a respected man and woman who have held the Presidency with the utmost grace, civility and teamwork. Now, not only do I ultimately know how many men fear the power and beauty of a woman, but I know how many more find women to already be incredibly strong, self-determined and brilliant. Now, not only do I know that sexual aggressors will possibly just get a wrist slap for their revolting and demeaning control-acts, but I see empowered ladies everywhere standing to tell their stories, not being ashamed, fighting back and winning more every day. Not only does a refuge in limbo know how many would cast their family back into a life-threatening arena, but they have also seen the uproar for immigration reform and the kindness that so many want to impart onto them. Now, not only have we seen countless acts of homophobic hatred against men and women who just want to love the way they deserve to, but we have seen victorious fists happily thrown into skies filled with rainbows in celebration of those freedoms finally surfacing. Now I know how many will fight for their sexual identity and rights, and how many communities will stand by them. I know how many of those who have sworn to protect really meant to protect themselves. Now, not only are we finally seeing the deeper rifts and lies of American equality that we have been cradled in – in the passionate beliefs we hold against the people we think we know, about women, about race, about power, about us-versus-them – but we are finally, for the first time in my memory, starting to talk. We are starting to see. And even more finally, to fight.

I, for one, am glad that Trump ran for President – just so we can see what we really are.

I, for two, hope this is the last we ever see or hear of his wretched, abhorrent soul.

I just hope that it works – and we all keep fighting and opening our eyes to the beautiful prism of humanity that we are blessed to be surrounded by.

It’s about damn time we knew our country.

It’s definitely time to grab, sorry, save her ass.

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